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Our Must Read Articles

Workplace Wellness Initiatives: simple ways for helping employees to stay well

By: Jamie Soo
Workplace wellness initiatives are the actions that employers can take to promote good health to employees. Initiatives can range from posting health-related articles on the company bulletin board, to offering an on-site physical fitness facility ...

Communication is the Key with Overworked Staff

By: Colleen Clarke, Corporate Trainer
The downsizings of the '90's resulted in too few people doing too much work. Now in 2005, retention is a key concern to busy workplaces. If you want to keep your staff , and make them feel appreciated, you may want to follow some of these guidelines ...

The Future of Networking - InterNetworking

By: Donna Messer
The future of networking is now based on a virtual network - one where we don't meet face to face, we can't judge body language or shake hands. How then, are we going to master the art of InterNetworking? E-Commerce is the topic on everyone's ...

Advice for Starting an E-Commerce Website

By: Marc Belaiche, CA, President,
Buying and selling goods online has completely transformed the way people do business. E-commerce (buying and selling online) has increased 61 per cent since 2005 and has generated almost $12.8 billion worth of orders in Canada alone ...

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High commodity prices putting squeeze on smaller businesses Source: CTV News
Rising commodity prices are starting to put a strain on Canada's small and medium-sized businesses.

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Conservative discrimination against small business Source:
Additional tax cuts for big business are the only discernible economic policy of the Harper government.

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