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How to get clear & tangible results with digital marketing strategies

How does a small business go from strictly retail operations to being successful with online sales? In 5 steps, Alex explains how to build an online presence that leads to business growth and wider recognition. It still takes a lot of work, but small businesses don’t have to wait for a viral miracle to reach thousands of potential customers.


With brick and mortar stores constantly losing sales to online shopping, small businesses need to live online to succeed. Although it may seem like an uphill battle against bigger corporations in the online space, all the tools for success are readily available. Growing sales on the web simply requires the right strategy and the right steps.


Alex takes your world online. Since he first joined the workforce, Alex has excelled in sales that bridged the gap between an offline and online existence. Even from a young age he was busy building and selling custom PCs and obsessing over the tech world.  He would move on to sell electronics, internet services, and eventually to work for district m; finding digital solutions for small businesses. Alex has helped the uninitiated and experienced alike, flourish online. Combined with his competitive spirit (a ferocious Monopoly player apparently) he finds small businesses the solutions they need to take advantage of every marketing possibility the online world has to offer.

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