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Navigating Covid-19 for High-Performers:

Architecting the Mindset for Maximum Growth

In “Navigating Covid-19 for High-Performers: Architecting the Mindset for Maximum Growth” we will collectively unpack:

-What we’re really up against (collective grief, overwhelm, stress, fear, anxiety, frustration, rage, powerlessness) -how to navigate our way through this emotional storm -how to transform the resistance you feel into a whole new gear in your growth trajectory.⠀


-What resources lie hidden in this adversity for you -how to stay in peak state so you optimize your output and leadership amongst all the chaos and uncertainty.⠀

-How to turn this challenging time into a launchpad that will help you level up and make 2020 the year you play your biggest game.

There’s not much we can control right now, so to navigate this storm, we must focus on the #1 thing we CAN CONTROL - our mindset strategies (which will predict how this all plays out for you, your families, your businesses and our world). 

I can hardly wait to show up in service of you and what we are all up against right now - so that we can find the opportunities dressed up in disguise as this adversity. ⠀


Over the last decade, Coach Susan Hobson has established herself as one of North America’s leading High-Performance Coaches, working with the world’s highest performers in business and sport. Drawing on her own firsthand experience competing in some of the most competitive environments on the planet (Princeton University, Harvard University, and The National Women’s Hockey League NWHL), Coach Susan is revered for her powerful breakthrough results. Specializing in Mindset Strategy Architecture, she utilizes the latest and greatest techniques in Neuroscience, Success Psychology Brain Training and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to unlock and unleash your highest potential. If you’re looking for handholding, or rainbows and sunshine Life Coaching, she is definitely not the right coach for you – she is an in your face, push you outside your comfort zone, and challenge you to go deeper and further than you know you can, kind of coach. Which as it turns out, is exactly how she gets such next level results with her clients.

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