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Founder & Managing Director, Tailor Law Professional Corporation


Deepa is the founder and Managing Director of Tailor Law Professional Corporation.  She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and a law degree from the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law.


Deepa is passionate about helping people with their legal problems.  She founded Tailor Law with a view to providing accessible and high-quality legal services to her community.  The team at Tailor Law embraces a strong service philosophy and a commitment to clients.  When you choose Tailor Law, you benefit from a strong team of educated, empathetic and specialized legal professionals.  We strive to provide outstanding value to our clients.


Deepa has an extensive background in corporate law. She has assisted clients in creating their businesses and corporations, drafting corporate by-laws, shareholder’s agreements, and purchase-and-sale agreements. She has advised clients on the maintenance of their business and the day-to-day issues, drafting employment contracts and employer policy guidelines. Deepa is an excellent resource and advisor for any business or corporation, ensuring success during their inception and as the corporation operates as an established entity.


In her spare time, Deepa served on the board of directors for Many Feathers, a non-profit which focuses on creating local community spaces focused on food security in urban and rural settings across Canada.  She also spends her time mentoring the next generation of law students through the Women’s Legal Mentorship Program and as a guest speaker at the University of Ottawa’s Business of Law class.

Presentation Topic

"Cannabis in the Workplace"

Presentation Summary

With the recent legalization of cannabis, both employers and employees are trying to understand what this means when it comes to the workplace. Employers and employees each have genuine concerns about how these new laws might impact their business and restrictions on their lives, respectively. Employers want to keep and promote a safe and productive work environment, and an employee does not want to be punished for their activities in their personal life.


Intoxication and being under the influence while at work are issues that need to be addressed by the employer. It is critical for an employer to learn how they can communicate their policies to their employees regarding cannabis, how they can test for influence of cannabis, what do these test results mean, what does discipline entail for cannabis influence, and how to navigate situations when employees are using cannabis for medical purposes. This presentation will help employers understand what to think about and do for intoxication and being under the influence due to cannabis in the workplace.


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