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President and Founder

Cybersecurity Compliance Corp.


Cybersecurity for the Remote Workforce

Has your business unexpectedly found that it is managing a 100% remote connected workforce, and don’t know whether those remote resources are operating in a safe and secure manner?  We will review the elements required from an organization’s perspective in order to support remote users, and we will review tips for those end users who should be focused on their families instead of the possibility of a cyberattack.


Jeff has spent 25 years working in finance and technology across a broad spectrum of Canadian and international organizations, and a range of industries that includes financial services, mining, information processing, manufacturing and professional services.  Jeff has operated in the capacity of a CFO for 10 years, including 5 years with publicly listed companies, along with 5 years as a CTO/CIO, responsible for all aspects of information management and technology.

In 2018, Jeff joined Halex Technology Consulting Inc. as a business development and strategic consultant and co-founded Heimdall Portals Inc. and Cybersecurity Security Corp., to address IT management and cybersecurity-specific needs in the small-to-medium enterprise space.

 Jeff holds a Chartered Professional Accountant designation from Ontario, Canada, a Certified Public Accountant designation from Illinois, USA and a Chartered Global Management Accountant designation, recognized in the UK and USA.

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