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Lending Loop (Entrepreneur Panelist - Je


Head of Policy Development & Regulatory Affairs, Lending Loop


As Head of Policy Development and Regulatory Affairs, Jenna works with industry, governments and regulators to create the right conditions for Canadian small businesses to scale up. Currently, she is working with a number of different partners to help find solutions to the access-to-capital gap faced by small businesses across the country.

Presentation Topic

"The Lending Landscape is Changing: A Deep Dive into the latest in Traditional FI & FinTech Financing Innovation"

Presentation Summary

Today’s FI landscape is going through an evolution. Traditional lenders are evolving and FinTechs are entering the market with new lending products and services. The result -  there are more lending options than ever before but it can be difficult to cut through the clutter.  In this session you will hear from a panel of FinTech and financial services leaders as they share the latest innovations in small business borrowing and their tips to successfully secure financing. After this session you will better understand the FI lending landscape and your lending options.


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