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President, Lamb Creative Group



Youth Mentor & Founder of Black Sheep Academy

Nikki is President of the award-winning Marketing and PR agency Lamb Creative Group, a photographer, speaker, and youth mentor. She’s also Founder of Black Sheep Academy, an online business that supports entrepreneurs in designing a successful business they love. She’s appeared in Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Metro News, The Globe and Mail and CFRB 1010. Over the past 17 years, Nikki has worked with brands that include Fisherman’s Friend, Smithsonian Channel, Hunt’s Tomatoes, Live Clean, Global TV, E!, Tiidal Gaming, Tilda Rice, Lofbergs ICE Coffee, and Yves Veggie Cuisine. She’s worked with A-list celebrities, Rock Stars, Celebrity Chefs, Authors, Royalty, Politicians, Astronauts, On-Air Personalities and Sports Stars. She’s conducted press tours from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, oversaw PR for an activation that resulted in a Guinness Book World Record, and danced an A-list actor all the way to the red carpet to make his photo call. Her team’s work puts them in unique settings that include Drake’s Views album release party, Snoop Dogg’s Private NBA All-Star party and a recording session with The Barenaked Ladies.

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