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10 Business Directories to Get Your Business Noticed

Finding different ways to market and advertise your business is a must.

If you haven’t already, have you considered listing your business in a directory?

An article in InvoiceBerry noted that “[…] directories are typically compiled by humans for humans – unlike search engine listings which are compiled by robots – the relevancy of results tends to be greater. Directories also tend to have higher Page Rank, so the link back to your website typically ends up being good for your overall link popularity and ranking.”

With that said, below we have list 10 directories to consider listing your business on.

1. Better Business Bureau

  • has free and paid package options

  • only CBBB trusted businesses are collected through the National Partner Program, making it a source of high-quality content


  • free

  • also offer services like setting up a new website, fixing old websites, designing, and hosting

3. Yellow Pages

  • free with paid options

  • free listing lets you create a mix of online, mobile, and print advertising

  • helps you connect with actively searching consumers

4. Yelp Canada

  • cost is free

  • users can post reviews and rate businesses

5. Canada 411

  • free but has paid advertising options

  • features businesses and local services, updated monthly

6. Show Me Local

  • free with paid packages available

  • bridges the gap between consumers and businesses by posting information about each company

  • reviews are also collected from users

7. Canada One

  • cost is free

  • offers a library of more than 900 business articles and event calendars

  • has a list of more than 20-thousand verified Canadian businesses since 1988

8. SmallBizPages

  • free but with paid service options available

  • only uploads valid links and descriptions of businesses on the website

9. Shop in Canada

  • free

  • list information and post a profile within one of its many categories

10. Live Business

  • free

  • it is a growing list since 2003, with many categories available (and still growing)



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