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3 Integral Steps of a Digital Transformation

The pandemic has shown that it is more important now than ever for your business to go digital.

Having the technology available to work from home, being able to serve customers digitally, utilizing different social channels to get your organization’s message out – all are extremely valuable to have when you’re up against giants like Amazon, who are changing the expectations of clients and consumers.

In this article, we’ll outline three integral steps your business can take in order to digitally transform the way business can be done.

1. Optimizing key processes.

This can be a huge undertaking, so you want to make sure you start off by changing a process that is most concerning for you and your employees. You also don’t have to digitalize everything for optimization to work – sometimes it’s just about changing a few things here and there. In addition, it can be a small change as well. For example, you can shave off some time with clients by implanting an appointment/scheduling system like Calendly. Instead of going back and forth with emails and phone calls to book an appointment, have them book the time to meet/speak with you through Calendly and get it added to your calendar automatically.

2. Workplace culture attitude.

When undertaking change in a company, you should consider involving all teams together at your organization in implementing any updates. So instead of the sales team working together to make changes just in their department, think about how changes there can impact changes in the marketing department, and how does that affects the overall outcome for your client base.

3. Integrating information.

In addition to the above point, if you are implementing new technology or system, you should consider ensuring that it flows and works through all departments. You also want to avoid adding something to one department, but not adding it to another department at a later date. You want to make informed decisions as quickly as possible for both employees and management. Total integration into an all-in-one system easily avoids time-wasting and reduces the risk of error.

How has your business/organization changed since the pandemic? Have you gotten more digital since working from home? What was it like making changes if any were made?

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