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5 Marketing Tactics Your Business Needs to Implement

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The marketing landscape is constantly changing, which is why it’s important for businesses and organizations to review their marketing tactics and strategies on a regular basis to see if any enhancements need to be made.

Especially post-COVID-19, a lot of companies are finding ways to reach their customers and clients in more digital and online ways.

So in this article, we are going to discuss five marketing tactics you can easily implement in your business right now.

1. Video Marketing

People are becoming more and more visual individuals. It’s not that blogs or articles are not effective but mixing in content that is more visual can help to grab the attention of your audience more. Whether it’s creating a TikTok video, turning your standard Instagram posts into reels, or uploading a YouTube video, mixing up the way you present your products or services can help to keep your clients and customers intrigued. There are many programs like Canva or Promo that can help with creating this sort of content.

2. Personalization

When your audience feels that they are being spoken and listened to, you have a much higher chance of keeping them coming back to you. You can get to know your audience a little more through doing things like creating a survey or creating a poll – that way you are directly asking them what they like, don’t like, or what their thoughts are on a particular topic. Once you have this information you can use it to create more direct email blasts, a curated blog post, tweaking a product or service, or creating sales and discount offers. You could use things like Survey Monkey or Google Forms to help gather that information.

3. Representation

Representation in marketing and advertising is very crucial and there are always ways businesses and organizations can be doing more. Brands need to appeal to all groups of people – and we aren’t even just talking about a person of colour or cultural background or the aging population – it also means being able to market and advertise to people in different locations, for example, those who live in the city verses those who don’t. We have to be mindful of being diverse and inclusive about everyone.

4. Keywords and Hashtags

To draw more traffic to your website, articles, and social media posts, you have to ensure you are using the proper hashtags and keywords. By using specific keywords and hashtags you can ensure that they right people are being drawn to your content. You could use programs like Google Trends or Keyword Generator to help you make a list or relevant words and phrases to use.

5. Privacy

Consumers are becoming more concerned with their privacy, so you want to ensure that you incorporate many ways in which your clients and customers feel secure when doing business with you. Whether it’s knowing who they can quickly contact if there has been a breach, ensuring opt-out options are available, or implementing a new system to protect users’ data, it’s important for them to know that they are safe.

What marketing trends or tactics have you implemented in your company? Let us know by sending an email to!

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