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Check out Bruce Bowser's Recording from our October 2020 Presidents Conference

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Check out Bruce Bowser’s speaking session from our October 2020 Presidents Conference.

Bruce Bowser is a highly respected Canadian business leader and Chairman and CEO of AMJ Campbell Inc. Under his leadership AMJ has grown into an internationally respected brand, with over $250 million in sales. Previously a banker from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bruce decided to follow his entrepreneurial dreams and joined AMJ over two decades ago. His keen business acumen saw him rise through management where he ultimately reached the position of President. He also served as President and CEO for AMJ Campbell’s parent company, CamVec Corp., while they were a publicly traded TSE Company until he led a Management bid to take the company private in 2002. In these capacities Bowser oversees eight separate business divisions in 50 locations across Canada and USA with over 115 operations.

A well-known business authority, Bowser is frequently sought out by media to provide his innovative and entrepreneurial point-of-view. He has appeared on CBC’s “Back to the Floor" and CNN Balance with Dr. Gupta. Bruce embodies the mantra of “live the life you’d want to live again.”He lives this philosophy in both his professional and personal life. Within his own company he is committed to fostering a positive work-life balance for his team, externally, he is a tireless champion of this belief for the broader business community. A father of two daughters, he stands for equality; proudly advocating for women's rights. Bruce values the importance of giving back and has served on many private and charitable boards; including FYIdoctors, The National Club, Atlas Canada, the National Ballet School of Canada, and Canada Company. Bowser also served as Past President of Teen Ranch Foundation, and Past President of the Halifax/Dartmouth YMCA.

An avid pilot, Bruce lends his time to supporting the Royal Canadian Air Force and our Canadian Armed Forces. Bruce was appointed to Honorary Colonel (RCAF) in December 2017. Bruce co-wrote his first best seller book The Focus Effect on work-life balance.

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Click here to watch the session.

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