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Entrepreneurial Feature: Emmy Rousseau, CEO/Founder

The Initiative:

We understand that businesses may be impacted by COVID-19 and we want to leverage our online community and support those businesses that have supported our events over the years. We will be featuring companies that offer services to small and medium businesses throughout the pandemic and we hope that you will support them as well!

Advice for Entrepreneurs

"Many of us, as entrepreneurs are overachievers. We think that we have to keep grinding until it all gets done. I’d like to challenge that thinking by suggesting that, by slowing down and taking time to tune into yourself, you can actually get more done. I know it seems counterintuitive, but I have seen it to be true both in my life and in countless others’. If you are unfamiliar with meditation, or have tried it before and thought, “This doesn’t work for me,” like I used to, I recommend reading the book Stress Less, Achieve More, by Emily Fletcher. The book is designed for overachievers who want to be even more successful. Once I finally found the type of meditation that worked for me, it transformed my life immeasurably. I am calmer, more focused, and more productive. I know it can do the same for you, too. It was by finally slowing down and getting off the hamster wheel that I went from “just surviving” to “truly thriving”. Meditation wasn’t the whole formula, but it was a key competition and continues to be so."


I am a transformational coach, speaker, and educator who is passionate about de-stigmatizing mental health. The reason for this is that I have high-functioning depression and have come to know that it doesn’t define me or make me any less of a person. I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with the world and helping others like me. My pillars in life and business are self-love, gratitude, and joy.


Trinity Transformations is a company devoted to empowering the anxious overachiever to release the shame and guilt they’ve been hanging onto surrounding their mental health struggles, reprioritize by tuning into themselves, and finally, reclaim their best lives. We offer speaking and coaching that provides scientifically-backed and practical strategies to help the anxious overachiever go from “just surviving” to “truly thriving”. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to healing, rather that we all have the answers inside ourselves, and can access them with the right supports.


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