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Entrepreneurial Feature: Ken LeBlanc, President & CEO

The Initiative:

We understand that businesses may be impacted by COVID-19 and we want to leverage our online community and support those businesses that have supported our events over the years. We will be featuring companies that offer services to small and medium businesses throughout the pandemic and we hope that you will support them as well!


Ken LeBlanc has successfully challenged an established industry, and selflessly shares his passion for helping others build a business through his activities with organizations such as the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. The President and CEO of has been in the business of building his own business since his student days. Now, 20 years later, he has leveraged his drive and vision into the largest real estate marketing franchising network in North America.

ABOUT PROPERTYGUYS.COM is an award-winning real estate franchise system that helps homeowners sell successfully on their own, saving them thousands in the process. From listing till sold, our private sale, flat-fee approach places home sellers at the core of the process, with full support from an experienced team of experts.


1. It will never be perfect. Ship it today! I can’t count how many times in the past 20 years that someone has told me that they had the same idea that we had (to start a private sale real estate company) before we came on the scene. Instead of starting, they explain that they didn’t have the money, the time, or got buried in planning the launch. I see it over and over again, even in existing businesses that get stuck in a rut and can’t launch another product or service because they’re waiting for that product or service to be perfect. Trust me, perfection will never come, so launch the ship! Then listen to consumers, their reaction (or lack of) and use that information to improve your business daily and the rest will come in time.

2. Guerrilla marketing is a lost art. Find it! Today’s entrepreneurs are all looking for the magic social media post or digital ad campaign that will break down their doors with orders and customers. Many companies don’t employ guerrilla marketing anymore, the grassroots tactics that move the needle and lead to real connections. We still proudly promote and train our franchisees on a number of what most would call ‘old school’ tactics, like door-knocking, sampling, community engagement, sign blitzing, etc. We strongly believe in trading time (hustle) over money in kicking off our new franchise locations.

3. Invest in a solid team. Choose your partners wisely! would not be where it is today without the great team members that support the growth and vision of our entire system. I’m amazed daily with what our relatively small East Coast team pulls off in regards to communication, product launches, supporting a national network of franchisees, and bringing our disruptive real estate brand to multiple countries. I agree wholeheartedly with the quote “Teamwork makes the dream work” we win together and we learn together. As far as our leadership team and my business partners go, I believe what makes us so special is the fact that we have an amazing mix of personalities, opinions, and skillsets. This ensures that all points of view on a variety of subjects are considered, get properly vetted and ultimately receive support. Selecting partners that just agree with everything you say or that don’t have a different point of view doesn’t give you the range of what you need to be successful. When you surround yourself with capable and passionate people, you’re setting your business up for success.


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