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Entrepreneurial Feature: Martina Rowley, Virtual Business Manager

The Initiative:

We understand that businesses may be impacted by COVID-19 and we want to leverage our online community and support those businesses that have supported our events over the years. We will be featuring companies that offer services to small and medium businesses throughout the pandemic and we hope that you will support them as well!

Advice for Entrepreneurs

"In order to grow your business, you need to delegate, automate and track your day-to-day business activities to stay focused on your revenue-generating activities. A virtual business manager can help create and guide you along a roadmap for better organisation and more growth."


Martina is a Virtual Business Manager who helps small to medium sized businesses streamline their day-to-day tasks so they can focus more on their revenue-generating activities. With 20+ years’ experience as senior executive assistant in the corporate world, she now helps entrepreneurs save time, money and their sanity. Martina is also a writer and presenter and has organization and attention to detail in her blood.


Martina and her team of virtual assistants are highly organised and resourceful, and adept at recommending and using online programs to their clients’ full advantage. We support established 6-figure business owners who are juggling too much and realise they can and should no longer do it all alone. In addition to administrative organisation, we provide hands-on project management, business development, as well as accountability coaching. Through our proven 5-step process we create order and focus as the solopreneurs’ “Plus One” in business. Martina also consults on strategies for increased focus and efficiency of office or home office-based staff. In 2019, Martina Rowley And Company was voted Best Business Consulting Service - Platinum winner in the Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards and is in the running again for 2020.


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