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Entrepreneurial Feature: Michelle Beyo, Founder & CEO, Finavator

Updated: Jun 3, 2020


We understand that businesses may be impacted by COVID-19 and we want to leverage our online community and support those businesses that have supported our events over the years. We will be featuring companies that offer services to small and medium businesses throughout the month of May and we hope that you will support them as well!


Michelle Beyo is a payment, loyalty and blockchain executive with more than 20 years of extensive industry experience driving innovation across the retail and payments industry. Michelle is the Founder of Finavator, a strategic advisor for multiple FinTech’s, a Money 20/20 Rise Up alumni, a Women in Payments 2020 Global Council member and associate producer of The Social Movement Amazon Prime Docuseries.

ABOUT FinAvator

FinAvator is a FinTech consulting firm that helps enterprise and start up companies drive accelerated growth, implement strategic marketing and enable innovative payment solutions.

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Advice for Entrepreneurs

"Now more than ever it is important to reach out to your network and find ways to collaborate. Stay positive and focus on the long term, we will get through these hard times by working together."

Catch up with Michelle on Social Media:

Twitter: @Michelle Beyo


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