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Entrepreneurial Feature: Suzie Yorke, CEO and Founder

The Initiative:

We understand that businesses may be impacted by COVID-19 and we want to leverage our online community and support those businesses that have supported our events over the years. We will be featuring companies that offer services to small and medium businesses throughout the pandemic and we hope that you will support them as well!

Advice for Entrepreneurs

"Just start - there will never be the right time, so just do it! Whether you want to go back to work or school, start your own business or buy a house, your timing will never be perfect, but it will be right. Be brave - life is hard and you will get knocked down, but if you don't challenge yourself and make tough decisions, you won't have the chance to grow and expand. Be authentic - whatever you choose to do, make your brand/product/company reflect who you are. Consumers really want companies that they can trust and believe in."


A mom, eleven-time Ironman competitor and yoga enthusiast, Suzie spent years adhering to a low-fat diet only to hit a wall in her mid-40s. After reading Nina Teicholz’s best seller, Big Fat Surprise, she immediately shifted to a high-fat, low-carb diet, and felt better right away. While she loved the benefits of her new lifestyle, Suzie found it challenging to find convenient, good-fat snacks. Seeing a gap in the marketplace and a huge opportunity to help others through food, Suzie developed Love Good Fats, a company that produces high-fat, low-carb, and low-sugar products.


Love Good Fats offer two delicious types of bars - our creamy truffle bars and our chewy nutty bars. Both of which are low in sugar, high in good fats, and are filled with clean ingredients. Further, they are nonGMO, gluten and soy free, contain no sugar alcohols and are sustainably sourced.


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