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Facing Holiday Staffing Challenges? 3 Tips for Meeting Your Company Hiring Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted many employees’ outlook on what’s deemed as “traditional” in the workforce.

As a result of this, many organizations have realized that their employees can:

  • Work remotely and still get the job done

  • Save on overhead as a result of working from home

  • Employees have a lot more flexibility with their working hours to create a positive work-life balance

  • Some employers even found that they can still produce the same amount of work with fewer employees

  • And more…

With this massive shift, if your company isn’t demonstrating this sort of flexibility, you could find yourself with staffing challenges.

Difficulty hiring employees is always hard, but it’s especially discouraging during the holiday season when you need staff the most.

Below we provide you with three tips to help boost hiring at your company.

1. What are your company's perks?

Many job seekers look at company perks in order to determine if your organization is the right fit for them. Especially with the corona virus, mental health is top of mind for potential employees. Take some time to review your company benefits, is there something more you can add or include like the ability to take mental health days or providing your employees with appropriate equipment to work from home.

When posting your job whether it’d be on a job board (like or our new recruiting platform Guhuza) or social media – ensure you clearly lay out the benefits your company offers for prospective employees, so they have the full picture when applying. Make sure to discuss these perks during the interview process as well.

2. Use technology during your hiring and onboarding process.

Hiring is not just about the employee, it’s also about the employer. Job seekers are analyzing you as an organization when making a choice during the offering process. Ensuring your hiring and onboarding process is seamless can help retain talent. Are you using popular programs like ZOOM to conduct virtual interviews? Following up with job seekers with feedback for those who didn’t get the job? Are you providing functioning technology when a candidate is hired? Things like this can make a difference, proving to your talent pool that your company is fast-moving and efficient.

3. Maintaining company culture.

It may be a little harder to do this with the COVID-19 pandemic, but you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative in order to maintain a little culture within your company. Offer special rewards, make a commitment to acknowledge the hard work of your employees, have your staff take part in festive activities, etc. Your employees will appreciate the gesture and it will also encourage and motivate them to always do better. Ensure you mention how your organization maintains company culture during the hiring process to potential candidates, so they can get a glimpse into what it’s like working at your company.

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