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How Remote Work is Changing the Way We Lead People

There’s no doubt the way we do business has changed as a result of the pandemic. Entire processes like onboarding and training have changed in order to adapt to a remote environment, as well as staff working from home.

But it has also changed the way managers to lead people. Below we’ve summed up a few points from Damian Scalerandi, Vice President of Operations BairesDev, on how it is being re-defined.

1. Abandon micromanagement.

When the pandemic started, Damian says some companies implemented time-tracking programs as a way of making sure their employees maintained the same level of productivity as in the office. However, he says this way of leading is not as compatible with employees when working remotely. Instead, Damian says employers need to implement what’s called a “facilitator position.” This means, “introducing new tools and communication channels to support remote work to ensuring they have license to tend to their home lives when they need to and even helping them troubleshoot WiFi issues.”

2. Be more of a leader.

Now more than ever employees will be looking to their employers for guidance, says Damian. “[…] it’s important for employees to know their managers are there to support them in the work environment as well as provide support for personal matters as well.”

3. Create concrete communication plans.

Damian says try to avoid over-communicating, as it can make employees feel like they can’t be trusted. He says at BairesDev, remote managers only have short daily exchanges with employees on three things: what they worked on the day before, what they’re working on today, and do they need any kind of assisstance to achieve their goals.

Damian also suggest employers “check in individually with each team member for about 30 minutes each week, conversations that often go beyond work to help foster a sense of connection.”


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