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Is your business affected by the second lockdown? Self-employed at its lowest point since Feb.

Statistics Canada says self-employment fell by 62,000 in December.

The drop last month more than offset the increase seen over October and November, bringing the number of self-employed workers to 6.8% or its lowest point since the onset of the pandemic.

Over the whole year, self-employment was down by 192,000 in December. Most of the decrease was seen in core-aged men and industries such as constriction, transportation and warehousing, and health care and social assistance. (These numbers are not seasonally adjusted).

Overall, December saw a loss of 63,000 jobs. Employment fell in industries most directly affected by new and continuing public health measures, including accommodation and food services; "other services"; and information, culture, and recreation.

Part-time employment declined by 99,000 last month, led by losses among youth aged 15 to 24 (58,000) and those 55 and older (27,000).

The unemployment rate was 8.6% in December, essentially unchanged from 8.5% in November.


Statistics Canada

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