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Listen to Robert Gauvreau's Recording From Our 1st Virtual #TECONF Event

Don’t miss Robert Gauvreau's recording from our 1st Virtual #TECONF Event!

Topic: "How to Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Economic Times"

You can listen to her recording here:

Robert Gauvreau is the founder and award winning business advisor at Gauvreau & Associates CPA, a firm that specializes in working with entrepreneurs to provide them with financial clarity and guide them on their pathway to achieving extraordinary financial results.  Most recently, Robert has achieving bestselling author status for his book ‘The Wealthy Entrepreneur – The Formula for  Making Money and Gaining Financial Clarity in your Business’.  Robert and his team currently work with more than 500 entrepreneurs helping them with their accounting, taxation and bookkeeping needs, along with providing a virtual CFO program that helps entrepreneurs establish their criteria for achieving financial results and guarantees business success.

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