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Listen to Tessa Kampen's Recording from our October 2020 Presidents Conference

Listen to Tessa Kampen's session from our October 2020 Presidents Conference.

Tessa is a business strategist with years of experience in Personal Development, Leadership Training and Business Development. Her ability to connect and relate with her clients has allowed her to build strong relationships and trust, contributing to her success. Tessa is a certified Leadership Trainer, Speaker and Coach with the John Maxwell Team and a certified Behavioral Analysis Trainer using the DISC methodology. As a Leadership Trainer, Tessa cares about your teams growth and development. Her goal is to help teams and individuals discover their purpose and transform their beliefs in themselves and their teams. Using leadership and communication tools as her guide, she helps individuals and organizations discover what their team needs to grow to the next level, improve team cohesiveness and improve effectiveness.

Click here to watch her session.

Learn more about Tessa here.

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