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Searching for Top Talent (Without Using LinkedIn)

Are you experiencing some challenges as a business or organization in searching for top talent?

Using traditional methods like posting a job on your company website or on LinkedIn is a great start, but as new technology and trends emerge, the recruiting industry changes with it.

More and more candidates are using hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram to find job openings. They are also more inclined to create online versions of their resumes to send to potential employers and use keywords when uploading their resumes to job boards for more clicks.

Below are a few of our tips on how you can cast a wider net when searching for top talent.

1. Use social media to your advantage.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great tools when searching for candidates.

  • Posts can be made more visually creative in order to catch the attention of job seekers.

  • You can use hashtags to help your post show up on specific feeds. For example, if you are in the tech industry using hashtags like #tech, #techindustry, #IT, etc., can help you reach tech job seekers.

  • You can also use these platforms as an extra vetting process when candidates apply. What comes up when you look up their name?

2. Use your entire network – not just who you’re connected to on LinkedIn.

In addition to connecting with candidates on LinkedIn, you can also reach out to:

  • Past candidates who have applied to your company. Perhaps they’re still looking for a job.

  • Previous employees at your company. Maybe they’ll have an interest in coming back, especially if the position available is more senior.

  • Do your current employees know of anyone looking for a job? If so, ask to reach out to them to see if they are interested.

  • Maybe your friends and family know of someone who is looking for a job?

3. Make use of job boards.

Job boards are another great way to search for candidates. You can search through applicants by specifics like industry, location, job type, etc. Check out our Resume Access Services at here.

4. Work with your marketing team.

Not only can they help assist you in creating an attractive job description and posting, but they may also be able to help get you in touch with candidates. Maybe there was a previous customer that inquired about job openings at the company? Or perhaps they have a client that may know someone who is looking for a position?

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