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Social Media Tactics to Help Grow Your Business

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Implementing social media into your business plan is extremely beneficial. Aside from getting your current clients to follow and like your content, you can grow your audience even more by engaging with them.

But with so many different platforms available and each with its own unique system, it can be tricky to navigate.

Below we provide you with some social media tactics to help grow your business.

1. Understanding your audience.

Ask yourself what social media platforms your clients are using. This will help you narrow down what platforms you will primarily use instead of spreading yourself out too thin. You will reach more of your audience by using the same platforms they are already using.

2. Spend some time learning each social media platform.

Once you have determined which platforms are best for you, set aside some time to learn how to use them and its features. All platforms have a help or support system where you can get tips and advice.

3. Schedule your posts.

Now that you know what platforms you are going to use and how to use them, you need to determine what day, what time, and how often you are going to post on each platform. Consider asking yourself questions like: what events do I have coming up? What time of year is it? Are there any milestones to celebrate? This will help you figure out what kind of content you will be posting. Most social media platforms will already have tracking and analytical systems embedded, which can help you determine what time, day, and how often you can post based off your audience’s activity.

4. Use less words.

People want to get their information as quickly as possible, so creating content that is more visually appealing with little text is the goal. Add a pop of colour, use cool fonts (make sure it’s legible), or add more images to draw clients in, enticing them to click on the link that says, “Read more.”

5. Engage with your audience.

You’re more likely to grow your client list if you take the time to include them in your messaging.

  • Have a contest for clients to have a chance at winning a gift card or a free promotional post.

  • Ask for your clients’ feedback by creating a poll or a discussion post.

  • SHARE! By sharing your clients’ content, they will return the favour and share yours. This is a great way for both your and your client to gain more likes and increase followers.

6. Measure your social media plan.

Don’t get stuck using the same format over and over again because you will become stagnant. Make sure you measure the results of your campaigns and change them accordingly. Maybe your contest engagement is a lot lower than expected. Instead, try starting a discussion with your audience about the kinds of contests or promos they would like to see from you and adjust accordingly.

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