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“Take Your Brand to the Next Level" by Bobby Umar

The pandemic has been tough on business owners and entrepreneurs. Many have been working from home for the last year and a half, bringing on a number of mental health challenges as a result of feeling isolated, the stress of managing employees remotely, along with juggling online learning with kids. Some businesses have struggled to make it through COVID-19 and others are uncertain about their business surviving during the aftermath of the pandemic.

So to help empower our community during this difficult time, we’ll be presenting a series of videos from our network of business experts and top entrepreneurs to help encourage our members. Introducing Bobby Umar, CEO of Discover Your Personal Brand (DYPB).

Bobby is a speaker, storyteller and social media influencer. He has coached and consulted for organizations and individuals for over 20 years on Personal Branding, Authentic Networking, Social Media/Digital Connection, Entrepreneurship, Career Growth, Team Dynamics & Social Capital. A personal branding expert who has travelled the world connecting with individuals and organizations to support their personal branding journeys, Bobby is the founder of DYPB.

You can check out his Entrepreneurial Feature here.

Check out his video below!

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