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Tips for When You Are Recruiting from a Surplus of Candidates

There’s no doubt the pandemic has left a lot of people without work. Whether they’ve been laid off, forced to close offices, or they’re a student struggling to find co-op/internship opportunities. As a result of this, there will naturally be a surplus of candidates applying to jobs.

Below we have provided you with a few tips on how you can navigate the influx of candidates applying for your company.

1. Create a database.

Use the opportunity of having a surplus of candidates to build and grow your database for the future. Down the line you may be looking to fulfil a couple of positions at your company, and you can go back to this database of candidates to see if there may be someone who fits.

2. Hire employees who have been laid off.

As you’re filtering through your list of candidates, look at hiring people who have been laid off, as opposed to looking for someone who wants to move on from their current job. As a business owner/company still operating during a pandemic, hiring someone on a contract or part-time basis not only benefits you, but it also provides help to these job seekers when they need it most.

You could also hire students on a volunteer or co-op basis, helping them during a time when they’re most likely having a difficult time getting experience in their field of interest. Click here to learn more about starting a virtual internship program.

3. Upgrade your processes.

When you’re getting a surplus of candidates applying, you may be more likely to find some holes in your current processes. Take this opportunity to figure out what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly. Maybe you can update to a better program or system, maybe you’ve learned that hiring virtually is a lot easier, etc.

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4. You can take your time.

With more people looking for jobs, you have a lot more candidates to filter through before choosing the right one. This gives you the opportunity to be a little bit more particular, as you have a larger pool to pick from.

5. Post your openings.

This also means that if you aren’t satisfied with your pool of candidates, you can always post your openings on social media, LinkedIn, job boards, and so on, to get another batch of candidates you can filter though.

Watch Marc Belaiche, CPA, CA, President of discuss this topic here.

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