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Tips on How to Recruit for Diversity

Below we provide you with our five tips on how you can recruit for diversity.

1. Stop relying on referrals.

To avoid hiring employees that have similar work experience or educational background, limit hiring through referrals. Referrals do have a play in finding good candidates, but your company or organization may be limiting itself by relying on who your current employees know. Look at hiring people who come from a different industry, recently graduated from school, had a unique internship experience, etc., this will help to bring something unique to the company or organization that you haven’t thought of.

2. Write more inclusive job descriptions.

Avoid using cliché terms like “rockstar” or “purple squirrels” in your job description. Include a diversity statement about your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

3. Focus on competency-based interviewing.

When interviewing a candidate, ask questions that are related to the person’s skill, experience, and motivation. For example, ask questions that will emphasize a person’s approachability, actions, career ambition, etc.

4. Post your job openings in a non-traditional way.

Instead of just posting openings at your company or organization on job boards and LinkedIn, find new ways to get the word out. Maybe there’s a way you can post your opening to post-secondary students at a school, post it on the library board, etc. This will help broaden your pool of candidates.

5. Establish a diversity initiative.

You could hire one person for the job or have a couple of people at your workplace study what you are currently doing as a company or organization to ensure diversity and what you could be doing better. You could analyze current policies and practices at the workplace, talk to different employees about their perspectives on inclusion in the workplace, etc., to help gather information in order to compile a report. This could be done on a yearly basis as a way to compare how your company or organization is improving over the years.

Click here to watch President of Marc Belaiche, CPA, CA discuss this topic.

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