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Tips on Managing a Remote Team

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

With the impact of COVID-19, many businesses quickly had to change its gears and bring their work from the office to home. For some businesses, this may not have been a hard switch, but for others they may doing it for the first time.

Below we give business owners some tips on managing a remote team.

1. Ensure they are equipped with the right tools.

In addition to making sure your employees have access to all or most programs, you should ensure that they also have a quiet place to work, have the right office supplies, etc.

2. Check in with your team regularly.

Communication is key when employees are working from home individually instead of in the office together. It’s a lot harder to assign tasks and articulate what’s expected of each employee when everything is being done virtually. Whether it’s everyday or once a week, ensure to schedule time to talk with each of your employees to go over your intentions and to answer any questions they may have.

3. Ask for feedback.

Talk to your employees about how they feel about working from home. Are they clear on what’s expected of them? If not, maybe they need to have more ZOOM meetings with you to clarify their responsibilities or they prefer working in one program over another. Ensure your employees are comfortable working from home, do they have a quiet space to work, access to a laptop, do they need alter meeting times because they have children, etc. The more you work with your employees in virtual situations, the more motivated and efficient they will be working from home.

4. Be aware of social isolation.

Some employees may find it very difficult to work from home, especially if they are extroverted and are very used to getting socialization from the office. To alleviate some of the tension associated with this you can schedule ZOOM meetings specific for “hanging out” with your co-workers. This is also great for those who are newer on your team, who may not be as immersed into the work culture just yet.

5. Be flexible.

Adjust to the idea that some of your employees may be working odd hours when working from home. Especially with COVID-19, be aware that they may not be alone at home. Maybe their significant other is also working from home or they could have kids and they are home as well. As a result of this, your employees may structure their day different, work more after hours or on weekends as they try to balance it all.

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