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Tips on Preparing a Job Offer

Below are some tips to consider when preparing a job offer.

1. Include basic information.

Make sure you provide basic information about the job to the employee. Include the job description in which they were hired for, hours they will be working, salary or hourly rate, when they will have employee reviews, and so on.

2. Get the employee’s contract signed in person.

It’s best to get your employee to sign their contract on their first day of work. If you can’t, there are other programs like DocuSign that work well too.

3. Don’t have any surprises.

Especially if it’s regarding salary, don’t surprise the employee when it comes time to the offer. Discuss yours and the employee’s salary expectation during the interview stage, so if an issue does arise, you can discuss it then before you make an offer.

This can also apply to things like benefits and vacation. You want the offer stage to be more of a formality than a time to negotiate.

4. Have the employee rate the job opportunity.

On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the perfect job, ask the employee what they would rate the position. This will help you determine whether the employee has interest in staying long-term. You’re looking for an employee who wants to grow and engage with the company. If they answer anything less than a 10, ask the employee why and what would make the job a “perfect 10.”

5. Make the offer conditional.

To help move the job offer process along, you can make it conditional upon reference and background checks. Also give a deadline for submitting the offer, allowing the employee to have time to read the contract and ask any questions they may have.

6. Have a lawyer look over your contract.

Languages and cases change regularly, so to ensure you stay up to date, you could have a lawyer look over the document to make sure the information is relevant and applicable.

In addition, you can consider including non-compete and/or a confidentiality clause and non-solicitation in your agreement, which you can get help with from a lawyer as well.

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