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Tips on Supporting Small Businesses this Holiday Season

Supporting small businesses throughout the holiday season is especially important this year amid the corona virus pandemic.

With social distancing measures still in place and another lockdown in major cities, employers continue to take massive hits to their businesses.

Below we provide you with some tips on how you can support local businesses in your area. We’ve also added in some budget-friendly tips to ease a little stress during this gift giving season.

1. Start shopping for holiday gifts early.

Unlike big box stores or online shopping sites like Amazon, small businesses likely won’t have large stock available for its products and you won’t be able to get prime shipment. By shopping a little earlier for gifts, you’ll likely have more of a chance purchasing the item you want and getting it just in time for the holidays.

2. Create a holiday savings account.

If you’re worried about not being able to afford gift giving during the holiday season, start saving earlier in the year by creating a holiday savings account. By setting aside a little bit of money each month, you can worry less about not being able to afford presents each year.

3. Buy gift certificates.

If you really want to make sure you stay within your budget, opt to buy gift certificates for your loved ones. This way you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be spending.

4. Participate in group gifts.

As products tend to be more expensive from small businesses, you could reach out to friends or other family members to go in on a more expensive gift with you. This way you can still buy the more expensive gift without breaking your budget.

5. Buy consumable related gifts.

Another great way to support local businesses is to buy consumable related gifts like food, baked goods, soap, and bath products. If you’re really having trouble finding the perfect gift for someone, a gift like this can ensure your gift will be used by the other person.

Here are a couple of local businesses to consider:

Bath salts & bombs from Tusk

Family skin care products from Little Tree Wellness

Homemade treats from Rachel’s Bakery

Tea gift baskets from Tea n’ Spice

Stuffed animals from Rescued Bears




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