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Robert A. Dougan headshot.jpg


MA, Talent Strategist

Self Management Group


Effectively Selecting

Sales Professionals

If you are good with people and are really sociable, outgoing, warm, and friendly then you should be in sales – Right? Unfortunately, if you hire based solely on a person’s style and not to the actual skills to sell then you will be less predictive in selecting competitive sales people who can actually help grow your business.


Don’t get caught in the trap of selecting salespeople based on style over substance and learn in this presentation how can you predict and select those candidates who will become highly productive and successful members of your sales team? 

In this session you will learn:


  • The key elements to select top sales people who will perform and stay with you;

  • The benefits of using a good sales pre-hire assessment to taking the guess work out of hiring; and

  • How a good systematic selection process will help you predict who will be successful in sales.   


Robert is a highly sought after Talent Strategist who has consulted with some of the largest Insurance, Banking, and Investment companies from across North America. During his long tenure with Self Management Group, he has implemented numerous talent solutions with companies to help them achieve performance and retention excellence. Specifically, some of the talent optimization solutions Robert implemented has helped some companies double their productivity and improve retention with cost savings anywhere between $10 million to $60 million.

Robert is extremely well-respected in the talent community and has carried out hundreds of speaking engagements across Canada, the United States, Europe, and South Asia.

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