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Co-Founder and Information Security Advisor, capitaIT Security




Rosy Pushkarna is a co-founder of capitalT Security Inc., a professional security services organization committed not only to delivering holistic security solutions to businesses, but also educating their community about their responsibilities to security awareness, whether it be at home, at school or at work. Rosy has 20 years of professional IT experience with the last 10 years focusing on IT security. As a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and CISSO (Certified Information System Security Officer) holder, she continuously works to bring security awareness to companies by delivering a sound and robust security program, encompassing solution recommendations, security documentation and security awareness.


Rosy is an instructor for the Cyber Essentials Canada Certification Program. She is a key member of the Women’s Cyber Security movement, promoting and practising gender equality in IT Security. Rosy is a recurring security speaker at Cyber Tech and Risk meet ups in the Greater Toronto Area and also speaks at schools, promoting Security Awareness, Cyber Safety and Cyber careers to our future generation of leaders. 

Presentation Topic

"Cybersecurity for Small Business"

Presentation Summary

This seminar is perfect for Small Business Owners and Managers to quickly understand the key concepts of cybersecurity and get valuable tips on how to protect your business. You will learn:

•            What is cybersecurity?

•            Why should you care about cybersecurity?

•            What are some common cyber attacks to your business?

•            What can you do to immediately protect your business?

•            Where can you get further help with cybersecurity?


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