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In celebration of #SmallBusinessMonth , is delighted to host the #TOEntrepreneursContest to Entrepreneurs in the Greater Toronto Area! This is your opportunity to showcase your business while earning the chance of winning some amazing prizes! 

Prize: The Ultimate Entrepreneur Package
o Introduction of a speaker at the Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference & Tradeshow on                   December 5th, 2018 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre which will include a 1-minute         elevator pitch for your business
o 1/4 page advertisement in our Event Show Guide*
o Being
interviewed as a Toronto Entrepreneur and having your entrepreneurial story on how         you started your business featured on our website**
o Being a special guest feature on all of our social media platforms with collectively 20,000+           members! Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn , Facebook

Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference & Tradeshow
The Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference & Tradeshow is the prominent event in the GTA for empowering and connecting local Entrepreneurs. It is our 8th year of hosting the event with consistently steady track records of 2,500+ business leaders, 60+ tradeshow exhibitors, and 20+ speakers! This year, we are hosting #TECONF on December 5, 2018 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

1. Share the #TOEntrepreneursContest post on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
2. Like and comment on the original post, “What initiated you to start your own                      business?” and use the hashtag #TECONF
3. Tag 3 Entrepreneurs in the GTA!

1. Entrants must be either (1) the owner of a company domiciled in Canada or (2) an              employee of an eligible business who has obtained permission to participate in this           contest from the owner, president, or chief executive officer of the business.
2. Entries submitted that included the following will not be considered:
      o Provocative, obscene, or misconduct-oriented content
      o Discriminatory, hateful or defamatory text
      o Invasions of privacy of any person directly or indirectly in the contest entry
3. Contest participators will be entered into a random draw.
4. Prizes do not obtain a cash value. 
5. Other conditions may apply. 

Prize description(s)

*Our Event Show Guide is used as an important reference for the conference and it includes the conference agenda, speaker bios, article content, and advertisements. Approximately 1,000 copies will be printed out for the event. 

**Your entrepreneurial story will be featured on our "Friday Feature - Interviewing Toronto Entrepreneurs" blog segment on our website. To view an example, click here


Winner will be announced on November 1st, 2018.

Questions? Email or call 905-812-5627. 

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