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CEO, Schmooz Media


Join us for our Digital Marketing Learning Lounge at the Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference, featuring Zoe Share, CEO of Schmooz Media.  The Learning Lounge will feature 4 topics, covered in both the morning and the afternoon session. At thirty minutes each, the sessions will cover making strategic marketing decisions, how to analyze your google analytics, guidelines on what to include in your marketing content calendar, and the power of nurturing your sales opportunities and community on social media. 


10:00 AM

30 mins

1:15 PM

30 mins

Strategic Marketing Decisions about Social Media

10:45 AM

30 mins

2:00 PM

30 mins

Building your Company's Content Calendar

11:30 AM

30 mins

3:00 PM

30 mins

Analysis and Reporting Using Google Analytics

12:15 PM

30 mins

4:00 PM

30 mins

Nurturing Sales Opportunities and Developing a Community


Zoe Share started Schmooz Media, a social media marketing and communications agency in 2014 after completing her Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program at the the University of Waterloo. Formerly a classroom teacher, Zoe's love of language, learning and connecting people with great ideas is matched by her passion for business, transparency and best practices. Zoe and the Schmooz Media team  offer a wide variety of services to small and mid size businesses, customizing projects and ongoing work to client budgets. 

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